Cindy's Recipe
Cindy & Friends 薰衣草 豆腐砂 7L
型號: TF005
存貨狀態: 現貨產品
HK$ 58.00
6 件或以上: HK$ 53.00 /件

12 件或以上: HK$ 50.00 /件


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Cindy & Friends 採用100% 天然人類食品級豆腐渣製成, 比其他牌子具有三倍以上的吸水能力, 幾乎可以立即鎖定水份!!

環保抗菌技術可以殺死有害細菌, 中和生物廢物中的毒素和氣味, 從而保持環境清潔, 消除異味.

薰衣草具有舒緩情緒的功效, 令寶貝舒適暢快

我們的豆腐渣不盒化學成份, 不含任何合成添加劑, 並且100% 可持續和可生物降解.

每包 7L

Cindy & Friends Eco-Friendly & Ultra Absorbent Tofu Litter with Qik-Clump technology + antibacterial is made from 100% natural plant based fibers. Created from human grade food fibers, our tofu litter has over three times the absorption power, trapping and locking in liquids almost instantly. The eco-friendly antibacterial technology kills harmful bacteria, neutralizes toxins and smell from bio-waste thus, keeping the environment clean from unpleasant odour. Formulated free of chemicals, our tofu litter does not contain any synthetic additives and is
100% sustainable and biodegradable.


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